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HQO™ CBD products were created for those on the go. Centered around our Nano-Amplified CBD water and Hemp Shots that are further enriched with multi-vitamins, minerals, and electrolytes. Our nano technology truly goes above and beyond. Encapsulating our molecules in a cluster of water to completely homogenize within our products! Who said oil and water don’t mix?
Don’t continue to pay for extremely sugary sports drinks! Our CBD Water is packed with everything you need during and after a workout without the drawbacks of sugar! Our Hemp Shots are also sugar free and are sweetened with Monk Fruit Extract for flavoring! Don’t settle for less, Keep Your Adventure Going with HQO™ CBD!

Our Amazing Products

Our High Quality products are designed for you. Whether you want a quick shot, an all day water bottle, or something else, our products are sure to do the trick!

HQO™ Hemp Shots

Loaded with 25mg of Nano-Amplified CBD, these energy and relaxation shots are sure to give you what you need on the go!

HQO™ CBD Water

Also packed with 25mg of Nano-Amplified CBD, this water bottle is sure to provide you with the vitamins, nutrients, and electrolytes needed!

HQO™ energy chews

Looking for the boost of a cup of coffee and the benefits of CBD? Look no further than our Energy Chews containing 5mg of CBD and 100mg of Caffeine!


One of the quickest ways to get something into the bloodstream is through the lungs. Our 1 gram Hemp Stiks contain 100+mg of CBD per Stik!

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